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CEO/Management Philosophy

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    Solution Provider “ROLLPACK” that realizes “Clean & Safe Packaging for better Life”

    As a leader in the home vacuum packaging industry, ROLLPACK Co., Ltd aims to grow together with society by providing new solutions and values for a healthy and prosperous human life and the preservation of a beautiful global environment.

    Home vacuum packaging technology protects the safety and freshness of food from production and distribution to the table at home. This is one of the basic requirements for leading a prosperous life.

  • In particular, home vacuum packaging technology preserves the freshness and nutrients of food to maintain its original taste for a long time and minimizes wasted food. It can be said to be an innovative technology that has developed the value of food culture for families around the world.

    ROLLPACK Co., Ltd developed the Air-channel film forming method for the first time in the world.
    It has become a game changer in the home vacuum packaging film industry. As a strategic partner of Food Saver, the global best brand, we are leading the global home vacuum packaging machine and vacuum film market.

    In the future, we will continue research and development, such as developing eco-friendly vacuum packaging technology for human health and the global environment, which is our top priority. Through this, we will do our best to become a company that provides the value of a healthier, safer, more beautiful and leisurely life. ROLLPACK Co., Ltd

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