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Extrusion is the film production method to make it the desired shape by compressing the heated plastic resin through a die.
The extruded film will be
Exposed in Room temperature. Passing through water container with water temperature controlled. Facing by the compressed air and cut per purpose after cooling.

Co-Extrusion Film

More two materials are melted through different extruders and the melted resins are sent to the multi dies where the melted resins are layered one by one.
It is a co-extruded film made the completed degree of perfection into a non-stretched film.
Production method : Blown and Casting

  • Blown Method icon
    Blown Method

    Producing the tube-shaped film by blowing air

  • Casting Method icon
    Casting Method

    Producing the flat film by T-Die

Production purpose of coextruded film
It is a film with multiple functions by laminating with raw materials having various specialties. The many number of layers, the more film functions could be created by diverse composition.

Structure and characteristics of ROLLPACK Co-extrusion film

  • 7Layer image
    Structure and characteristics of 7 Layer Co-extrusion film

    Seven extruders can be used to produce a variety of film types.
    2 layers of NYLON with excellent air barrier properties and 2 layers of PE with good moisture retention, It consists of 7 layers including 3 adhesive layers that make these two resins adhere well.

    • The raw materials with air barrier function including PA, EVOH, etc. can be used.
    • Application: Food packaging film that requires excellent air barrier properties (meat, dairy products, DELI, etc.), Mainly used for MAP film (oxygen packing film used in meat processing) and lamination film.
  • Structure and characteristics of 9 Layer Co-extrusion film

    It is possible to produce the films with multi-functions by composing various materials in 9 extruders.
    9 Layers consist of 4 layers of NYLON/EVOH with excellent air barrier properties, 2 layers of PE and 3 adhesive resin layers.
    Due to its excellent orientation, it is tougher and has good barrier properties, so it is mainly used as vacuum packaging for food.

    By applying the dual spiral die system to the film extrusion technology, the thickness deviation of each layer is reduced and film mechanical properties are improved.

    • Dual Spiral Die System
      One layer is separated into two channels flowing in opposite directions and then put back together. It reduces the deviation of the thickness, and as a result, the orientation & the physical properties of the film are improved.
    9Layer image