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  • Printer Equipment image


    We have the latest 3-color printing press and can cover the print width from 600 to 1300mm.
    Available products : Extruded NYLON Film, OPP Film, PET, CPP Film, O-NYLON, etc.

  • EPC (Extrusion Pattern Coating)

    We have EPC equipment which is a facility for special pattern coating on special films, with one single width and one wide width.
    Unlike the existing embossing method, it fundamentally prevents micro air leaks in the film.
    In addition, desired patterns can be molded with uniform thickness.
    We have developed independently this pattern coating technology for air channel.
    1st innovative development in the vacuum packing industry over the world.

    EPC Equipment image
  • Extruder Equipment image


    We have 2 Co-Extruders. One is for 7-layer and the other is for 9-layer blown film.
    The 9-layer co-extrusion facility can produce films with more even thickness and improved physical properties by applying the Dual Spiral System to each layer.
    It can be produced by distributing various raw materials such as PE, NYLON, and EVOH, and by adding various additives, Films of various functional materials can be produced.

  • 3-side Sealing machine, Zipper bag machines & Roll winding machine

    We have several machines that could produce rolls or bags by sealing the two films up and down with specific heat.
    And we have several Zipper bag machines and Roll winding machines

    3-side sealing machine image